Standing up for us.

Shaking up the status quo.


Kentucky can and must do more when it comes to creating an environment conducive to job creation. Two things that can create that environment are real tax reform that is business friendly and making Kentucky a right to work state.

Tax Reform

Kentucky’s income tax system is antiquated and set up for an agrarian economy. Other nearby states have reformed their systems to reflect our service based economy and Kentucky needs to do the same. Some in Frankfort want to use tax reform as a cover to raise you taxes, and I will not support that. We need to grow our economy, and the state budget, through job growth and creation.


Any economic development professional will tell you that Kentucky doesn’t even get a chance at many jobs because many companies will not speak to anyone unless they are in a right to work state. We need to get people working and off of public assistance, and this is one way of increasing job opportunities. Furthermore, I personally find it un-American to require someone to join an organization that they do not which to join.


I am 100% pro-life and have been endorsed by Kentucky right to life on several occasions.


If we are going to succeed as a state and a society we must have an educated work force. Our schools have weathered this recession well and provided more with less. Kentucky needs to grow our economy and provide other avenues of increased revenue such as expanded gambling to provide additional revenue.

Expanded Gambling

I support expanding gambling, which will assist our signature horse racing industry as well as help the state general fund.